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The Mystical Village That Rewired Reality by Justin Nathan

The Mystical Village

That Rewired Reality


"The Mystical Village That Rewired Reality challenges us to take a much-needed leap into the next phase of human development; it is a journey into uncharted spaces, where the mind and heart meet, and new power is born. Justin Nathan’s gripping and graceful storytelling will make you ponder your own life’s journey, the mystery of the path you were led on and humanity’s future. I highly recommend this fascinating book."

-Itzhak Beery, Author of The Gift of Shamanism, Shamanic Transformations, and Shamanic Healing. Co-founder of NY Shamanic Circle, Publisher of

“A story that seamlessly weaves the issues of our time into a web of energy, healing, and earth stewardship. It is an uncommon book, written at a much-needed time in history, and it will shift your paradigms.”

-Christy Parque, CEO The Coalition for Behavioral Health, Inc.

“The Journey to Gylodon is a grand adventure into another world that challenges us to rethink our own. In Justin Nathan, we have an eloquent guide with a contagious faith in the readers' ability to heal themselves and others.”

-Ryan Dodge, Speechwriter Mayor NYC

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Life has dealt me a mishmash of experiences, from my early days as a naval officer, traversing oceans in large metal ships, to later taking multiple journeys into the Amazon jungle to commune with indigenous healers and wisdom keepers. I’ve spent months in the Yucatan jungle, as well, with a dog as my only companion at times, as I meditated and watched the jade-blue Caribbean waters deliver mounds of cruise-ship trash to my doorstep.


At the end of the day, I’m a person, like any other, doing his part to bring compassion and awareness to a world in rapid transition, as we watch biodiversity decline and the oceans die. Amid this chaos, I see hope, indelibly inscribed in the heart of humanity. I see a time when greed and fear can be set aside, allowing balance to return, when we finally see the truth of our higher selves and embrace the infinite power that is our birthright. It is then that our light will shine brighter than ever before. That time is now, and I write to make that light a little brighter.

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Award Winner

2018 Independent Publisher Book Awards

for Visionary/New Age Fiction 




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Mystical Literature for the Age of Transition

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