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The Mystical Village That Rewired Reality by Justin Nathan

The Mystical Village

That Rewired Reality

Journey to Gylodon


The Mystical Village That Rewired Reality is a mind-expanding journey into the heart of magic, inner truth and the unseen worlds that surround us. It is a story of redemption, destiny and the innate power in each of us to sculpt the dream of life.


Deep in the old-growth woodlands, far removed from society’s footprint, is a mystical village of extraordinary humans. These spiritual warriors—masters of the mind and heart—are guided by powerful belief systems that shape reality in remarkable ways. They have long stood as guardians of humanity’s finest gifts, while awaiting the next phase of human evolution.


Anax, an average man with heroic potential, is destined to join this hidden community and play his role in humanity's transition. To embrace his destiny, he must surrender his past, imperil his life and take a leap of faith so profound that it lands him in the spaces of authentic magic, where reality is fluid and consciousness is the fabric of eternity. He’ll struggle to master his mind and know his heart as he walks the path of the warrior. All that he knows dissolves in a blazing bright light as his rebirth begins. He’ll fall in love with a woman who holds the key to planetary healing, but a piece of her soul has been lost. For some reason, perhaps no more than the uncontrollable love in his heart, he believes that he can retrieve it, and he is willing to go anywhere—beyond boundaries of consciousness—to make her whole.


Join the vision quest that exposes the cracks in modern civilization as it charts new paths to possibility. Delve into the realms of energy, where creating realities is a skill set, just like astral projection, and truths are defined not by society, but by the individual—through rigorous personal experience and mastery of one’s consciousness.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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